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What's the problem?

We start our design process by asking a lot of questions. If there's an oportunity to solve a problem we take a deep breath and try to see the big picture behind it. That enable us to ask the right questions and understand exactly what we're solving.

  • Is this a real problem?
  • Who's affected by it?
  • How does it impact its surroundings?
  • Is it a product or a feature?
  • What does the data tells us?

Only when the problem is well defined and the whole team is on the same track, we go to the next stage.


How can the problem be solved?

If there's a definition for this step, it's experimentation. Here we do our best to lose ourselves into the problem and explore it with different points of view. We try to see it through the eyes of who’s affected – then we do a lot of sketches and start prototyping.


Are we heading in the right direction?

Building a product or a feature can be costly. That's why, before we start building, we put a initial version of the solution in the hands of some users. The more feedback we can get, the best our solution will be. Sometimes we even need to start from scratch and focus our efforts on what our users really need.


Just ship it.

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It's show time! We have a lot of fun getting our hands dirty – coding and building the product or feature. And we're never alone: we work closely with developers and get some help from some tools. In this stage we don't want to reinvent the wheel, we want to move fast and ship it!


Is it solving the problem?

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”

— Neville Brody

Our product is constantly evolving, since there's always room for improvements. After the release we stay close, collecting user's feedback and analyzing the data. Here’s where we usually get back to the investigation stage and identify how we can make the life of our users even better.

Wanna know the people behind all of this?

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